Toyota Tacoma Recall, Seat Belt Danger

Tacoma Seat Belt Failure Danger
Report Receipt Date: AUG 07, 2013 
NHTSA Campaign Number: 13V337000 
Component(s): SEAT BELTS 
Potential Number of Units Affected: 342,451
Toyota is recalling certain model year 2005-2010 Tacoma Access Cab vehicles manufactured September 14, 2004, through March 29, 2010; and model year 2011 Tacoma Access Cab vehicles manufactured July 1, 2010, through September 7, 2011. If the access doors are repeatedly and forcefully closed, the screws that attach the seat belt pre-tensioner to the seat belt retractor can loosen over time. If the screws loosen completely, the seat belt pre-tensioner and the retractor spring cover could detach from the seat belt retractor.
If the seat belt pre-tensioner detaches from the seat belt assembly, the seat belt pre-tensioner will not perform as designed, increasing the risk of injury in a severe crash.

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