Honda Accord Recall, Acura TL Recall, Power Steering Fluid Fire Danger

Vehicle Make / Model:     Model Year(s):
     ACURA TL     2007-2008
     HONDA ACCORD     2003-2007
Manufacturer: HONDA (AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO.) Report Receipt Date: MAY 17, 2012
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V222000 NHTSA Action Number: N/A

Potential Number of Units Affected: 625,762

2008 Acura TL recalled for Fire Danger
 Honda is recalling certain model year 2007 and 2008 Acura TL and model year 2003-2007 Accord V6 vehicles. In May 2012, Honda filed a defect report to recall certain model year 2007 and 2008 Acura TL vehicles. In September 2012, Honda informed the agency that it was including an additional 573,147 vehicles including certain model year 2003 through 2007 Accord V6 vehicles. The total number of vehicles being recalled is now 625,762. Prolonged under-hood and power steering fluid temperatures may cause the power steering hose to deteriorate prematurely, resulting in cracks and power steering fluid leakage.

 If this occurs, power steering fluid can leak onto a hot catalytic converter, leading to smoke and possibly an under-hood fire.

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