Mercedes E350 Recall, Mercedes E550 Recall, Air Bag Danger

Vehicle Make / Model:     Model Year(s):
     MERCEDES BENZ E350     2012
     MERCEDES BENZ E550     2012
Manufacturer: MERCEDES-BENZ USA, LLC. Report Receipt Date: OCT 09, 2012
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V492000 NHTSA Action Number: N/A

Potential Number of Units Affected: 499
E350 and E550 Mercedes Coupe Recalled for Air Bags

 Mercedes-Benz is recalling certain model year 2012 E350 and E550 Coupe vehicles, manufactured April 2, 2012, through June 29, 2012. Improper stitching of the right side window curtain air bag may cause it to not deploy as intended in the affected vehicles.   

 In the event of an accident necessitating the deployment of the right window curtain air bag, the improper stitching may cause it to deflate more quickly than intended, reducing the protection it may provide, resulting in an increased risk of injury to vehicle occupants.

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